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"A game-changer in rehabilitation and sports performance" – ReFit Sports

FitBlade is the latest technology invention micro-current NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) device used in physiotherapy for increased neuromuscular control. It is one of today's popular muscle recovery tool that apply micro-vibration to accelerate muscle relaxation and promote the growth of muscle fibers efficiently.

This form of NMES technology emits micro-current throughout the muscle to reduce the build-up of lactic acid and can effectively prevent muscle soreness and stiffness, speed up muscle recovery and increase your range of motion. 

Most importantly, it is now widely used and trusted by physiotherapists to treat patients by stimulating inactive muscles and help preventing muscle atrophy. For frequent traveller and office staff who are seated for long period, FitBlade can effectively stimulate blood circulations in the legs to help prevent the onset of thrombosis in body.

Micro-Current (NMES) Technology
Micro-current NMES technology sends low level current into your skins and fat layers to stimulate deeper muscle tissue, tackle lactic acid build-up, and prevent muscle atrophy and soreness. This micro-vibrational technology also accelerates muscle relaxation and promotes growth of new muscle fibers.

Ergonomic Curved Blade Design
While most massage devices apply a ball or hammer shape to press down on sore muscles, our scientific research & development has designed FitBlade with all the curves to mold perfectly on any part of your body for a more delicate touch, just like what you normally receive from a professional therapist.

USB Type-C Fast Charging
Carry along FitBlade anywhere and recharge on-the-go with USB Type-C fast charging. One full charge could last you 14 days with 30 minutes of usage per day.

Quiet & Powerful
FitBlade is engineered to provide whisper quiet and noise-free massage, so that you can relax and enjoy your massage peacefully. It is powerful with three different intensities to combat vary levels of pain. Ideal for using at home, gym or office with disturbance-free to others.

Frictional Heat Effect
FitBlade creates heat through friction and increases the temperature of massage areas. This will accelerate blood circulation, allowing essential oil nutrients and oxygen to be delivered directly into damaged tissue and instantly stimulate muscle recovery.

Premium Carrying Case & Perfect Gift Idea
You can carry along the cordless device anywhere with our premium EVA carrying case. It is a choice of great gift for yourself, friends, families or someone you love that want to reach healthier life.


-  Relieve muscle tension and stiffness
-  Soothe sore muscles
-  Accelerate muscle recovery
-  Stimulate muscle fibers growth
-  Improve blood circulation
-  Release lactic acid
-  Increase range of motion
-  Improve muscle responsiveness
-  Pre-workout stretches

It is commonly use for muscle warm-up before exercise or intense workout to prevent muscle strain. After your exercise or workout, use this massage device to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promote rapid blood circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

How to Use FitBlade
1) Apply essential oil, water or electrode gel on the massage area.

2) Hold and adjust your grip to make full contact with the handle.

3) Press and hold POWER button until the device turns on. The power indicator turns RED.

4) Short press the POWER button to change the intensity. BLUE light indicates the intensity.

5) Apply pressure and glide the blade back and forth to massage the target areas. Use different parts of the blade on the specific areas.

6) Press and hold POWER button for 3 seconds to turn the device OFF. The device will automatically turn off when idle for more than 60 seconds. 

Tips: FitBlade is fitted with a smart sensor on the device handle. If you don't have proper contact with the handle, the device will not turn on. Please adjust your grip with the device.

It is recommended that you apply essential oil, water or electrode gel on the skin to create a smooth surface for the device to glide over as well as to achieve the maximum benefits and experience.

Find a sore spot, gently press and hold for a few seconds to provide instant relief. Glide over the area and repeat a few times.

Technical Specifications:  
-  Intensity:3 Modes
-  Vibration Rate:8000rpm – 12000rpm
-  Weight:0.5 lbs / 227g
-  Battery Type:Lithium-Ion Battery
-  Battery Capacity:1100mAh 
-  Battery Endurance:Up to 7 hours
-  Noise Level:25dB – 35dB
-  Power:15W
-  Frequency:8Hz – 21Hz
-  Size:146mm x 106mm x 30mm

What's in the Box: 
-  1 x FitBlade Massage Device
-  1 x Refillable Oil Spray Bottle
-  1 x Type-C USB Fast Charge Cable
-  1 x Carrying Case
 1 x Product Manual

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