Evo Pro

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"A game-changer in rehabilitation and sports performance" – ReFit Sports

Evo Pro is a bespoke percussion massager, one of today's popular muscle recovery tool, that activates rapid bursts of concentrated pressure deep into muscle tissue. This form of deep tissue massage can effectively relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, speed up muscle recovery time and increase your range of motion. Most importantly, it can prevent plantar fasciitis which is a kind of painful inflammation caused by adhesion between fascia and muscles. Nowadays, massage gun is widely used and trusted by professional athletes, bodybuilders and therapists.

Compact & Lightweight
Beloved for its compact size, the massager weight at only 1.8lbs, ergonomic designed grip to minimize external vibrations and for better gripping comfort.

Long Battery Life
Powered by 3400mAh rechargeable LG lithium-ion battery. High stability and long cycle life. It works up to 6 hours for one full charge.

5 Speeds Mode
Five adjustable vibration mode from 1200rpm (Low) to 3200rpm (High). You can adjust the speed level according to the different parts of body massage.

6 Interchangeable Massage Heads
Comes with six different heads to aid in sore muscle relief, providing targeted treatment for every muscle group. Different massage heads and speed level provide a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage. Stainless steel massager heads are custom-designed for oil massage and sensitive skins.

Quiet & Powerful
24V brushless high-torque motor with ultra-strong heat dissipation function that produces max performance to the massager at 3200rpm. Our in-house Quiet Rotary Technology reduces the noise level to only 55dB for low noise experience. Ideal for using at home, gym or office with disturbance-free to others.

Smart Core AI Chip

With the Smart AI chip, the massager will automatically shutdown when idle for 60 seconds. It will also stop automatically after 10 minutes of operation to avoid overuse.

Carrying Case & Perfect Gift Idea
You can carry along the massager anywhere with the durable carrying case. It is a choice of great gift for yourself, friends, families or someone you love that want to achieve fitness goals and reach healthier life.


-  Relieve muscle tension and soreness
-  Reduce soft tissue pain
-  Accelerate muscle recovery
-  Stimulate muscle growth
-  Improve blood circulation
-  Release lactic acid
-  Increase range of motion
-  Improve muscle responsiveness
-  Pre-workout stretches

It is commonly use for muscle warm-up before exercise or intense workout to prevent muscle strain. After your exercise or workout, use this massage gun to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promote rapid blood circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

Technical Specifications: 
-  Speed:5 Modes
-  Percussion Rate:1200rpm – 3200rpm
-  Weight:1.8 lbs
-  Battery Type:LG Lithium-Ion Battery
-  Battery Capacity:3400mAh
-  Battery Endurance:Up to 6 hours
-  Noise Level:35dB – 55dB
-  Power:15W – 160W
-  Frequency:20Hz – 53Hz
-  Torque Pressure:0 – 7.5kg/cm
-  Amplitude:11mm
-  Size:203mm x 150mm
-  Smart Mode:10 Mins Smart Timing

What's in the Box: 

-  1 x ReFit Evo Pro Massager
-  6 x Interchangeable Massage Heads
-  1 x Power Adapter
-  1 x Carrying Case
-  1 x Product Manual

We are confident that you'll love the satisfying relief and speedy recovery with our handheld percussion massager. Our product is backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Warranty.

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